Aphrodisiac Coffee Warning

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Passion coffee? Magic Power Coffee guarantees to improve your sexual experience.  The website of the herbal supplement claims  their  coffee is a romance enhancer that works in 30 minutes to increase sensation and sexual satisfaction.  But, the FDA warns that the supplement may have serious side effects and is investigating the product. Dr. Richard Besser, on Good Morning America, explains the dangers (after he explains why adults are obese and how to lose weight).

(Editor’s note):  After the ABC report aired, the Magic Power Coffee website changed its product name to MAGIC Shot. The website URL remained the same, then shortly disappeared.



One Response to “Aphrodisiac Coffee Warning”
  1. Cheryl says:

    I think this is typical of the FDA. If they don’t control it, they don’t want it out there. Not that I am approving or disapproving this product. It is the point that they don’t allow natural products because they can’t profit from it. It is also a joke because if you listen to the side effects of the drugs they “DO” approve of, you would assume that they are trying to kill us. How many of them have a side effects list of at least 10 things and they almost always say it can lead to death. Just another example of how our society is crumbling.

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