Avoid Eating Genetically Engineered Foods

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This is a good read from Jeffrey Smith in HuffingtonPost.  Smith, author of “Seeds of Deception” and consumer advocate, explains the dangers of GMO foods.  More alarmingly, he notes that countless GMO plants, animals, fish, insects and bacteria are being developed in labs around the world. Each could irreversibly contaminate the gene pool. Here’s his […]


Life is Choices: The Seatbelt

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Before you watch this powerful video  (which garnered 9 million hits!) consider this: Life is choices. Along with the freedom to choose our actions comes the responsibility of living with the consequences.  Take seatbelts.  You’ve seen the sign “Buckle Up.  It’s the Law.”  It’s more than a law.  It’s one of the best 


4 Ways to be Yourself

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My sister gave me a beautiful necklace as a gift.  She admitted that the words on the box swayed her purchase.  It read “There is no better gift you can give the world then to be the person you dream you can be.”  Inspiring words, but how do you do that? How do you release […]