Harmful BPA Chemical on Cash Register Receipts

Find out which store receipts are coated with BPA, and how you can avoid contact. A recent study found many retail receipts were coated with the dangerous BPA chemical which rubs off and can be absorbed into the skin and bloodstream.  In lab animals the chemical was shown to cause a host of serious problems […]


Life is Choices: The Seatbelt

July 25, 2010 by  
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Before you watch this powerful video  (which garnered 9 million hits!) consider this: Life is choices. Along with the freedom to choose our actions comes the responsibility of living with the consequences.  Take seatbelts.  You’ve seen the sign “Buckle Up.  It’s the Law.”  It’s more than a law.  It’s one of the best 


Aphrodisiac Coffee Warning

June 23, 2010 by

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Passion coffee? Magic Power Coffee guarantees to improve your sexual experience.  The website of the herbal supplement claims  their  coffee is a romance enhancer that works in 30 minutes to increase sensation and sexual satisfaction.  But, the FDA warns that the supplement may have serious side effects and is investigating the product. Dr. Richard Besser, […]


What’s in YOUR Drinking Water?

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Do you know how to test your tap water for contaminants?  Are you confused by the many water filter choices available to clean your drinking water?  Consumer Reports’ video tells you how you can find out what’s in your tap water so you know what type of filter you need.  The video demonstrates the  different […]