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Similar to weaving huts found in Iceland, Building E had a stone oven and nineteen stones probably used as loom weights inside. Women probably used this building and Hall D for weaving. 40 American Archaeology Uncovers the Vikings A birch bark cylinder (found in the bog outside Hall D) and birch bark rolls (found in the bog outside Building E) could have been used for net fishing. Filled with stone, they would have weighed the nets down so they would not float away. Stones found in a corner of Building E on its bog side could have been the sinkers used in these containers.

52 American Archaeology Uncovers the Vikings northern land bridge, or as some believe, also by boat, to settle North America. Columbus later named them Indians. Around 750 The Medieval Warming Period begins. 870 Vikings settle in Iceland. 886 Vikings rule much of England. 911 Vikings rule over Normandy in northern France. 985 Erik the Red leads settlers to Greenland. Around 1000 Leif the Lucky discovers and names Vinland. 1014 Vikings under King Olaf pull down London Bridge. 1042 English king Edward the Confessor is crowned.

This suggested that there were three different groups from three different ships living on the site—one from Greenland living in the F-G complex and the others from Iceland in the other two complexes. Boat Crew’s Quar ters The middle hall complex, D–E, was smaller than the others and contained no private chambers. A large open area in Longhouse D would have held about twenty people. The inhabitants all slept, ate, and talked in one large room. Judging by the strike-a-lights and large storage room, this area may have been the quarters for an Iceland boat crew.

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