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navigate here By Hansi SinghĀ Amigurumi is the japanese paintings of knitting or crocheting small crammed animals and anthropomorphic creatures. quite often they're kooky little animals yet they could even be inanimate items, like greens, which are given faces and limbs.
This publication may have 20 designs, together with animals and inanimate gadgets. A knitting fundamentals part will supply directions for the entire options had to make the initiatives. Show description opcje binarne podatki Read Online or Download Amigurumi Knits Patterns for 20 Cute Mini Knits PDF


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Figure 1 2. Fold a small pleat at top of each ear; baste to hold through all layers (Figure 2). Figure 5 Figure 2 3. Pin an ear to the right side of each body section as marked on pattern for positioning. Baste in place. 7. Pin and stitch the under section to the upper body, matching seams and dots. Clip curves and turn right side out through opening. 4. Stitch body pieces together along back, tail and down to dot under tail. Stitch from nose to dot under head (Figure 3). Clip curves. Figure 3 5.

7. Sew inner leg seam, matching center front and back seams (Figure 4). Leggings 1. Sew fronts to backs at side seams. 2. Sew center front seam (Figure 1). Figure 4 Top 1. Sew front to the two back sections at shoulder seams. Figure 1 3. To form casing, fold a 5/8-inch hem to wrong side at top of leggings. Stitch close to the raw edge (Figure 2). /8" 5 2. Fold a 3/4-inch hem to inside on each sleeve; stitch in place. 3. With right sides together, pin sleeve to armhole of top body, matching dots and arrow on the sleeve with shoulder seam.

Clip curves and trim corners. 14. Trim facing 1/2 inch from bottom edge again referring to figure 6. Stitch through facing and bottom edge of coat 1/4 inch from trimmed edge. 15. Turn facing to inside of coat and press, folding up 3/4 inch along bottom edge of coat for hem; sew in place (Figure 7). Tack facing to shoulder seam allowances. 3 /4" Figure 7 16. On outside, lift collar and topstitch coat back close to neck seam, stitching between shoulder seams (Figure 8). /4" /2" 3 1 Figure 6 Figure 8 S e w Tr e n d y Fa s h i o n s & A c c e s s o r i e s f o r 18 " D o l l s 36 17.

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