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pop over to these guys Offner clarifies the advanced family of the U.S., Spain, and Cuba best as much as the Spanish-American conflict and contends that the struggle used to be no longer sought after by means of any of the events yet used to be still unavoidable. He indicates ultimate around of peace negotiations failed largely simply because inner political constraints restricted diplomatic flexibility. Show description

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Latin American archives were disappointing. Brazil took no interest in Cuba; Mexico stood aloof; and although well represented in Madrid, Argentina never was at the center of diplomatic discussions. French diplomats, closest to Spain and involved in ending the Spanish-American War, were knowledgeable and energetic. The Austrian ambassador, having a close relationship with the queen regent, was well informed about the inner workings of the Spanish government. But the Spanish cabinet and its friends on the continent were suspicious of England and its colonial interests.

Offner. p. cm. Includes bibliographical references and index. ISBN 0-8078-2038-5 (alk. — ISBN 0-8078-4380-6 (pbk. : alk. paper) 1. Spanish-American War, 1898—Diplomatic history. 2. United States—Foreign relations—Spain. 3. Spain—Foreign relations—United States. 4. Cuba—History—Revolution, 1895–1898—Diplomatic history. I. Title. 8’92—dc20 91–48198> CIP This Book Was Digitally Manufactured. To Vera Blinn Reber, teacher and scholar, wife and mother Contents Preface Chapter 1 The Cuban Revolution: Three Perspectives Chapter 2 Cuba, Cleveland, and Cánovas Chapter 3 McKinley and Cánovas Chapter 4 The Woodford Mission Chapter 5 Sagasta’s Cuban Reforms Chapter 6 Failure of Cuban Reforms Chapter 7 Two Shocks: The de Lôme Letter and the Maine Disaster Chapter 8 Backdrop for Diplomacy Chapter 9 Failure to Solve the Crisis Chapter 10 Spanish Suspension of Hostilities Chapter 11 Descent into War Chapter 12 Preliminaries to Peace Chapter 13 The Peace Protocol Chapter 14 Conclusion Appendix Notes Bibliography Index A map of Cuba will be found on page xiv, and a section of illustrations will be found beginning on page 101.

2 Prosperity came to the island’s sugar plantations in the early 1890s. As Cuban sugar production and exports soared, large amounts of new American capital were attracted to the island, further accelerating the rationalization of the industry. S. and Spanish tariff legislation, the general economic decline of the 1890s, and the onset of the Cuban revolution. S. market absorbed more than 91 percent of it. By contrast Spain imported slightly more than 2 percent of Cuba’s crop. In 1895 American imports fell to 769,000 tons, and the following year they skidded to 235,000 tons, by this time reflecting the devastating effects of the Cuban revolution.

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