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check this link right here now Discusses the geography, heritage, humans, tradition, financial system, and way forward for Bahrain.

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He believed the government should govern, the farmer should farm, the merchant should trade, and the workers should work. The less that people meddled in the role of others, the better Bahrain would function. The British in Bahrain shared the people’s desire for more participation in government but were reluctant to do anything that might undermine the ruler. In 1956 when the British Foreign Secretary visited Bahrain, violence erupted once again. Angry demonstrators denounced Britain’s role in Bahrain.

Many native people deeply resented the Indians, however, because as British citizens they received special privileges and treatment. Iranians comprise another sizeable group of foreign residents. They usually live in cities and hold merchants’ positions in the economy. Some Iranian families have been in the country for centuries. Others arrived during the 1920s and 1930s to escape Iran’s high taxes. q 4/15/02 1:24 PM Page 59 People and Their Culture Iranians are Shi’a Muslims, they are separate from the native Baharinah, with whom they do not necessarily culturally identify.

Ar Rifa-’s importance as Bahrain’s political center continued under Sheikh Isa ibn Salman Al-Khalifa, who built his palace in the town. Several members of his family also built residences in the community. The town of Sitrah was once a center of date-palm-cultivating villages, but since 1970 a residential housing boom fused the villages into one huge suburban town. Madinat ’Isá was a planned community built to relieve the congestion in Manama and some of the closer suburbs such as Jidd Hafs and Sanabis.

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