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more info here At the nice Plains, a land barren of wooden and rock for the conventional rail and stone fences, the twine fence used to be a logical invention. hundreds and hundreds of barded-wire designs have been invented, and the more effective patents have been synthetic and shipped west at nice revenue. this day creditors are conscientiously seeking out that cord for either entertainment and old interest.This booklet was once designed to supply a well-organized determining, classifying, and cataloguing approach for the various designs and adaptations of barded cord. approximately 1000 drawings and 3 indexes to patents, inventors, and brands supply a right away technique of identity.

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Parallel twisted strands run along the edges. Variation of patent 433940. Page 18 Woodard's Ornamental Loops 33 Four-strand intertwining ornamental wire. Loops wrap around twisted double strand down the center. Patented [447927] March 10, 1891, by Alonzo B. Y. Ingraham's Visible Loop Wire Fencing 34 Four-strand visible wire fencing. Double twisted strands loop and tie at intervals. Patented [469062] February 16, 1892, by T. J. Y. Curtis' Ladder 35 Parallel twisted two-strand wire joined by sheet metal straps.

Y. Page 16 Miles' Barbless Parallel, Wide Variation 27 Two parallel wire strands joined by interlacing cross wire. Variation of patent 277917. Miles' Barbless Parallel, Three-strand Variation 28 Three parallel wire strands joined by interlacing cross wires. Variation of patent 277917. Hathaway-Woodard's Center Twist Ornamental Wire 29 Six-strand interlacing ornamental wire. Parallel double strands run through the center. Patented [433940] August 12, 1890, by William E. Hathaway and Alonzo B. Y.

Page 37 93 Smith's Notched Warning Block and Two-point Barb Single-strand oval wire with two-point wire barb and warning block. Barb wraps around block and wire strand. Patented [266545] October 24, 1882, by Eldridge J. Smith of Williamsport, Pa. 94 Sunderland's Barb, Straight-strand Variation Single-strand wire with two-point wire barb. Variation of patent 303406. Two-point Wire Barbs: Twist 95 Twist and Cut Barb Twisted two-strand wire with one strand cut to form two-point barbs. Inventor of barb is unknown.

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