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this content In Bracing for Armageddon, Dee Garrison pulls again the curtain at the U.S. government's civil safety plans from global warfare II in the course of the finish of the chilly warfare. in accordance with executive records, peace enterprises, own papers, medical reviews, oral histories, newspapers, and well known media, her ebook chronicles the operations of a number of the federal and country civil safeguard courses from 1945 to modern problems with place of origin safety, in addition to the origins and improvement of the large public protest opposed to civil protection from 1955 in the course of the Nineteen Eighties. At a time of accelerating preoccupation over nationwide safeguard concerns, Bracing for Armageddon sheds gentle at the transforming into mistrust among the U.S. executive and its topics in postwar the United States.

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Many survivors with burns will die from lack of medical attention. In Prologue 25 addition, flash blindness, the loss of sight for as long as twenty minutes, will affect people who were looking at the explosion. If the weather is clear, a onemegaton weapon exploded at an altitude of 3,000 meters will temporarily blind anyone who looks at the fireball with unprotected eyes from thirty-one miles away during the day and from sixty-two miles away at night. Although flash blindness is not permanent, it can be catastrophic for someone driving a car, for example.

The long-term radiation effects of numerous cancers, birth defects, and genetic damage would haunt the population for generations. There would be virtually no medical assistance or medicine available to most survivors, no clean water, and very little food safe to eat. 9 Radiation weakens the immune system, as do burns, stress, malnutrition, and mental depression. Millions of corpses would rot and spread massive waves of infection. With millions dead and injured, the few if any doctors and hospitals still functioning would surely have to focus on the moderately wounded, leaving the badly injured and those who might be able to recover unaided to fend for themselves.

Yet for the purpose of example, the following discussion most often addresses the damage done by a single one-megaton explosion. A mere one-megaton bomb equals the energy released by 1 million metric tons of TNT, the explosive power of seventy-seven Hiroshima-sized bombs. A train carrying the equivalent in TNT of a one-megaton bomb would be 300 miles long, requiring about six hours traveling at fift y miles per hour to pass by an observer. One-half megaton equals the destructive power of all of the bombs used by the Western Allies in Europe in World War II.

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